Thursday, October 2, 2008

Accidental Whale Watching in Pacifica

I just couldn't pass this one up. Our blog silence may have been an indication of our busy, erratic lifestyle, but all work and no play makes Julius a dull boy.

We're in Pacifica, CA, just 10-15 minutes south of San Francisco. I'll give more background next time, for those of you who are not from the Bay Area or the US. One of the nicest things here - other than having a fantastic view of the great Pacific Ocean - is regular sightings of the ocean's giant inhabitants: Whales!

Whale Watching in Pacifica

Whale Watching in Pacifica

I saw them through my window. The second I realized what they were, a surge of excitement rushed through me. My first reaction of course, was to grab the camera. :)

It was great seeing something so out-of-the-ordinary. I've forgotten how such occurrences can inspire me and bring zest to my "ordinary" day. The big lesson is, they're always there... I just don't notice them.

Some things in life do not have to be phenomenal in order to be special.

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Melanie Waldman said...

What a lucky break!! I've never seen a whale in all my California and Oregon coast travels, so believe me, I know how special and rare it is to see one just by looking out your car window!

Thanks for sharing your photos, Rikki -- they made my day.

LiveWorkDream said...

Oh cool, you are so lucky! I lived on the coast for 10 years and never saw one.

Were these taken from the RV park in Pacifica? If so, how is that place?

Rikki said...

Melanie, glad to have made your day :) How are you guys? still on the road or busy catching up with life?

Rikki said...

LiveWorkDream/Rene and Jim,
It was good seeing you guys! Yeah, that was the "San Francisco RV Resort" Pacifica (huh?!??) Too expensive, air is too salty :), too crowded - not enough space in between RVs! The upside: awesome waves soundtrack LIVE!

Ervin Blaylock said...

Nice Photos Just took a short vacation Just by looking at them and the whale shot was just awesome.