Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back In Bridgetown: Portland, Oregon

Sure, this time of the year is a little gray, a little wet, maybe even a little too cold in Portland. Yet, I still love this city. In fact, a little more than before.

Cathedral Park

Portland has many names, and one of them is "Bridgetown."


With two rivers, one on the north separating it from Washington State (the Columbia River) and its tributary dividing the city lengthwise (the Willamette River), it's no surprise that the city has all together, 14 bridges(!)

Willamette River

During this season, one can hardly see the sun in the sky. It's a shame especially with these bright fall colors all around. On the other hand, to a photographer it becomes blessing (cloudy days are best for taking portraits) or a challenge.

Portland Convention Center

As you can see, I've taken these photos around sunset (there was sun?!??) until dusk, and early evening. I love bridges, not only for their symbolical meaning, but also for the opportunity of travel they present.

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* All photos and content, unless otherwise stated, copyright 2008 J. Reque and C. Foley.


Melanie said...

You guys, these photos are fabulous! Adam and I were just in Portland for my birthday last month, a bit before the best display of fall leaves, so thanks for sharing some of that color today. It makes me feel like putting on some fleece...

Since you're still there now, take a look at my Travels With Two posts on Portland if you'd like -- .

And let me know if you're headed to the Willamette wine country -- I'll put up a post for you this week!

Travel happy -- you've been missed!

Melanie Waldman
Travels With Two

LiveWorkDream said...

Wow, your photos make me almost sad to have left that crappy weather. Well, I'm sad that we left you anyways! Keep up the great photos!

Rikki said...

Melanie, Happy Belated Birthday! Shame we didn't get to meet. I hope your subscription feeder works again soon! I thought your blog was just quiet for a while!

LiveWorkDream/J&R, I feel your sentiments about the overall "grayness" I'm surprised I'm remaining cheeky amidst it all. Or maybe I just got used to it now?

Be safe, you all, [and check out each other!!! You're my two favorite couples traveling out there!]

kev said...

Wow - amazing pictures!


scott said...

14 bridges? Sorry, Portland - Pittsburgh has 446!

Nice blog, by the way :)