Saturday, June 28, 2008


Check out our latest video for Lonely Planet...

You've seen the "rough" version earlier from our Las Vegas trip (I know, you're sick of Vegas already!) but I just wanted to share the whole premise of this video.

Inspired by "Experimental Travel" (Rachael Antony and Joel Henry), a book that dishes out alternative and playful ways of making the travel experience unique, immersive, and to say the least, quirky. Examples are exploring your own town by becoming a weekend backpacker - stay in a hostel, gallivant with other backpackers and see your town through their eyes, ...risk becoming either a local stranger or a strange local...?), or finding a dog and letting the dog take you for a walk! (Good luck trying that with Fox, whose favorite walk is to the car). Whether it's the Tenderloin or Tunisia, there are creative ways to explore and experience a place other than the classic travel routes.

So, back to Vegas, one of the world's high-priced travel destination, and what did I do?

Spend as little -most cases none- as possible. Now, on with the show... Enjoy!

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Dave said...

Awesome Rikki!

t2 Jo said...


i enjoyed watching your video! wow! galing mo naman, keep it up! and
more power to you!

Regards to your friends!

God Bless!

LiveWorkDream said...

That was a great movie! I loved it. And I'm going to Vegas with YOU next time, because last time I went to see Tom Jones, I spent waaaaaay too much moolah.

Fab show, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

What a simply fabulous video...lots of work went into making it...I was very impressed.

Ken in San Diego

Rikki said...

Ken in SD - Yeah, we try to give it our 101 percent!!! I'm glad you like the video - Thanks a lot for your comment!

k.a.t.calvin said...

Who could ever be tired of Vegas?!?! Fantastic video!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy..that was a great vid..I am leaving to vegas in a weeks time...just wanted to know the details of the 20$ heli ride.please let me know.