Monday, June 22, 2009

This is how we camp. (Aka "Who's trailer trash now?")

High on top of the hills of Wyoming, we parked the RV on a secluded
spot with a dead-on view of the Grand Teton.

"I don't know anyone who camps like us", Chris says. I agree. We
visited the RV parks and designated camping spots inside the Grand
Teton National Park yesterday and sure enough we were greeted with RVs
by the hundreds parked one after the other. This isn't camping, this
is an outdoor mall.

So, like we often do, we steered as far away as possible from the
chaos in search of forest roads where we can settle and be one with
nature, without the hoards of tourist-campers.

This morning I woke up with a majestic sunrise view of the Tetons from
our king sized bed. I didn't even need to lift my head to see it.

"Roughing it" has never been this fun.


LiveWorkDream said...

Ok, spill it! Where is this spot? When we were there last fall, we couldn't find anywhere like this near the park. How close were you?

Chris said...

I think there's an art to finding good 'boondocking' sites. I use topo maps and align high open areas with forest roads, or rivers and creeks with forest roads. Most U.S. Forests allow dispersed camping for 14 days. The U.S. Forests adjacent to national parks are usually gems and the park rangers are usually very helpful. RV's generally need high clearance (at least six inches) to be able to negotiate these roads. Most C Class and particularly Super C chasis can handle these roads well. I've seen some new class A motorhomes recently on higher chasis. Good luck. If you head to the Tetons, I'll be happy to give you directions to our new favorite spot. It was about eight miles from the east entrance to the park. Cheers - Chris

Dom said...

I love camping. Food tastes better when camping and you got a great sunrise by the sound of it.

Mark said...

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