Sunday, June 14, 2009

In a big country dreams stay with you. Beautiful Big Sky Country, Montana.

Rolling hills, pasture lands with clouds parading across the wide open
sky. Interstate 90 across Montana.


TruckerBob said...

Hey Rikki,
As usual, love your pics and musings, you guys do the pacific northwest and the west coast, i see you have moved a bit east, now the big question, when are you guys going to exhibit a real change of scenery and head to the great SouthEast part of the United States aka Florida...i would love to see how you would view the south, and south florida..also, we dont bite, we are nice people here and we have sweet tea..LOL, now i know you are asking yourself, what the heck does that have to do with anything, well it's my own inside joke that came about because of a friend of mine who is from yakima washington and Cannot believe that people actually mix tea with sugar...i asked him, "Well, how are you supposed to mix tea"? His response. "Well, normally its mixed with lemonade or Passionfruit...Whoa...passion fruit...GMAFB, anyway, just wanted you to know, i would love for you guys to come down...ttys

Rikki said...

Hi Bob - our original plan a year ago was to go across the country. Sadly, we couldn't afford to because of the bad housing market and the economy. We did get as far as the Iowa, and if we ever do that cross-country trip someday you (and your cool cats) better be there to welcome us.

PS - I put sugar on my tea. Actually, I put sugar on anything.