Saturday, March 29, 2008

12 Feet Hit The Road

Vegas Bound

Monday, March 31st, Chris, Rikki, Fox & Spencer head to Las Vegas. Although easy flights abound to Las Vegas from just about everywhere, Las Vegas is not such an easy drive from the Bay Area.

That Sierra Nevada mountain range can really get in your way! We should be able to make the 564 mile journey in 10 to 12 hours.

We will be staying at the Oasis RV Resort right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Check out their web site. We usually don't go for resort-style camping, but a little luxury while away should be a nice treat. I'll be busy with a four-day conference and Rikki with a travel video for Lonely Planet - this time on Las Vegas.

I'll be taking a (major) side trip to San Felipe, Mexico from the 2nd to the 5th to visit my folks who moved there in January. I'm very excited about seeing my mom and step-dad. I have to say how proud I am of them. In their early 70's by the calendar, but very young in spirit, they are an inspiration to me that life continues to be an adventure.

Rikki's folks are going to take a couple of days out of their schedule to join us in Las Vegas. We're both excited about seeing them. I'm glad Rikki will have some company while I'm busy with my conference. More to come from the road . . . stay tuned!


laradunston said...

Hey guys, can't wait to read about the trip, and see the video. My husband Terry and I have presented some destination videos - check out this post and there are links to them from here:

I've also mentioned you guys and linked to you in a couple of recent posts... got a bit carried away with the whole 'cool camping-cool caravanning' phenomenon (and I still have a few more rants to post). I'd be interested to know what your opinions are actually...

Anyway, can't wait to read about the Vegas trip.

Lara said...

Why not go through Death Valley? It's reaaaaaallly cool an much more fun than the other way. Doesn't take much longer either.

Just a thought!

Chris said...

We were in Death Valley in December and LOVED it! Unfortunately, the secondary mountain passes across the Sierras are still closed for the winter - so we either have to cross near Lake Tahoe (way to the North) or below their end point at Tehachapi (which is way to the South). It is farther than if we could cross through Yosemite and then Death Valley, but likely faster.

Joni and Charles said...

Good Luck Rikki and don't forget we are still in Santa Cruz. Thanks for the vidio.

adam brown said...

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Stu and Tim said...

Hi there---I think you called but missed it---we had a
lot of company over the weekend-- & I was also
recovering from my nights at Herrick.

Sounds like you're on another great adventure---what
kind of conference?
Looking forward to seeing another travel video & more
great pics!

Keep in touch!

Love ,
Stu (&Tim--who's in Palm Springs this week)!

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