Saturday, January 26, 2008

48 California State Parks at Risk of Closing

Rikki and Chris at Manchester State Park, May 2007, Our first trip in our own RV

Please join us in protesting the potential closure of 48 California State Parks to help balance the state budget. Several of our favorite parks are set to close, including Manchester State Park in Mendocino County. It is our favorite rustic camping spot along the California coast.

We ordinarily keep our politics to ourselves; however, we hope you will join us in protecting the 48 state parks in California on the chopping block. Closing these parks would save nine million dollars, yet save only 0.1% of the state budget. The impact would be a loss of 20% of the state's parks.

Click the link below to learn more from Environment California about the proposed closures. At this link you can also sign a letter of protest to the governor.


nek_bbew said...

of all the stupid ways to save money,..

when in real business u capitalize all the avenues of making money before u dump what actually makes u revenue,..

of all the nincompooped brianed ideas,..

A few things would generate a tad more income stream to the economy of california,..

like lets say,..just as a starter,..have some of the wealthier individuals pay the same amount -- out of all income earned -- as a single person, lets say me and my partner do,..and put that into the coffers,..and let them do the paperwork to get a refund like the rest of us do at the END OF THE YEAR!!

lets see,.. one of us paid over 20,000 in overtime taxes in federal alone,..not including state,..and no it doesnt mean we actually earned more than last year, fact we took home LESS!!!! worked more,..and paid more,..but we need to do out taxes to get our refund at the end of the year -- and get paid back in JULY OR SO, why cant the people --like lets say the Irvine family,..or the Seagerstroms,..or anyone family that sets out a trust to avoid paying taxes on earned income, out at the same 29-30% tax rate as us single people do who work our freekn asses off.

i am sick and tired of all the tax brakes given to large business because it is misunderstood that in somehow it benefits the rest of us to stimulate the economy?? Cut the other foot off while u r at it too,..

HitTheRoadJACK said...

What a fabulous is hard enough to get a good photo of either a bird or a deer with great scenery, but a deer watching a bird...priceless!


Old Word Wolf said...

Great Blog. Good mission. I'll check back often.
Old Word Wolf

Michael Moniz said...

What great pictures from your trip. Thank you so much for sharing.